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Juliette Gray Voice Demos

Juliette Gray is a voice artist who moves effortlessly between London and Los Angeles. Juliette works in neutral British English and Transatlantic American English. A British voice over artist and a Transatlantic American voice over artist who is at home in either culture.

Juliette has dual nationality and sometimes its hard to know where one begins and the other ends. But in front of the mic her voice adjusts in accent and timbre depending on who she is talking to and what she is talking about.

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Voiceovers - British American Female Voice Actor - VO
Service Type
Voiceovers - British American Female Voice Actor - VO
Global, Virtual
Juliette offers voice over services consisting of a variety of VO genres including Commercials, various types of Narration from E-Learning, Corporate, The Arts, Human Rights, and Telephony.